The Metaphysical store is a sensitive’s candy store!

In my last post I talked about finding a metaphysical store that I love. For those of us that are just starting to learn about, manage and open up our abilities, a metaphysical store can be a playground!  There are so many things that can help with that. There are also very knowledgeable people that can help guide you and answer questions. In the store that I go to, everyone that works there has abilities of one type or another.  I love that because they understand what I am trying to accomplish.  They can identify so they are great guides and resources.  That being said, I still let my intuition guide me when advise is given or an item is recommended. Below are some of the things that I love and have found helpful.  I could write for days about items that help me and bring me comfort.  Here a few of my favorites.

Gems are wonderful helpers!  They are powerful, and easy to use.  It is important to carefully choose the ones that are going to benefit you and what you are trying to accomplish. Cleansing and setting the intent of gem is very important in order to get the maximum benefit.

Journals are very important to developing any psychic ability!  I journal everything! Some people talk to their guides in thoughts or out loud.  I do that, but right before I meditate I write a letter to them and leave the journal open to that page so that the message can be seen by the universe. I journal what I see in my meditations.  Meditations are sometimes straight forward and other times they are hard to interpret.  If you write them down, you may have an “AHA” moment in the future.  Go back and read it. Many times, the pieces will come together.  I journal my dreams.  Dreams come from the subconscious.  There are messages in those dreams.  Like meditation the message may be straight forward, or it could be disjointed and unclear.  Journaling affords the same opportunity to go back, re-read and have the meaning of the dream become more clear.  In both cases that “AHA” may not come.  That’s OK too. 

I had a dream that was disjointed and really didn’t make sense.  I first saw the face of a co-worker, then of my grandson sitting in a hospital crib. Everything was white, his gown, the crib, the walls (that freaked me out a little) but he was laughing and clapping his hands..  Lastly, I saw the hand of a friend handing me a dish of raspberries and blueberries.  Part of that dream was precognitive.  My grandson (who has a sever heart condition) was admitted to the hospital 14 hours later. I really felt like I needed to reach out to the co-worker, however, we don’t have a close working relationship.  It took me about a week to finally call him and check in. As we chatted, he was driving to the doctor’s office to get lab work done because he had just been diagnosed with early heart disease!  A couple of days after I spoke to him the dream clicked!  My grandson was admitted to the hospital due to his heart issues.  The co-worker had just been diagnosed with a heart issue (and needed to talk about it).  The berries were blue and red.  Blood is blue before it is oxygenated and read after it’s oxygenated.   BOOM! There it is…I finally understood, and it did indeed all tie in together. Had I not written that dream down I would not have made the berry/blood connection.  At the time of the dream the berries didn’t seem important at all.  When I went back and read it that is when it all came together.

Candles.  I love candles! In a metaphysical store the candles are labeled for their use. I always have a meditation candle, an intuition candle, and a health and wellness candle on hand. I also love chakra candles Like gems, set the intent of the candle before lighting it the first time. Never blow out a candle. It blows the intent away.  Always use a snuffer.

Cleansers – Sage, Juniper, Cedar, Sweetgrass, sandalwood, frankincense.  All of these and more can be used for cleansers OR adding good energy to your home.  I love the smell of sandalwood when I meditate.  A braid of sweetgrass hung above the front door will cleanse the energy of everyone who walks through it. Visitors leave bad energy at the door, keeping the house free from the clutter of others energy.

Essential oils can help with so many things. Jasper is great to rub on your third eye before meditation (or whenever) as it helps to open your third eye.  Oak Moss is great for grounding.  Rub a small amount on the bottom of each foot, and your root chakra (lower back right at the tailbone). Lavender calms and relaxes. Put a few drops in the bath or use an infuser to fill the air. The smell of cinnamon wil help to relieve headaches. The smell of lemon and/or grapefruit boosts energy levels.  It’s unbelievable how many ways essential oils can be used.  Not only to heighten abilities, but just good health in general.

Books are oh so wonderful!  If you are like me and aren’t able to have a formal teacher, or a social circle that you can meet with on a regular basis (which is the case for me), reading is a must. When I go into the metaphysical store, through discussion, a book is almost always recommended.  If that book calls to me when I pick it up it goes home with me.  If not, it stays put. The same goes for ordering books online…get what you are drawn to.

Figurines – Angels, fairies, religious items, animals.  I could go on and on.  Put them in your sacred place or all around your home.  Whatever feels right to you.  If that isn’t something that interests you, that’s fine.  They are not a must.  I really enjoy them.

Jewelry is great because it is always in your energy field!  Whether it helps calm, protect, bring out intuition or certain abilities and you can mix and match.

When I go to a metaphysical store, I really do feel like a kid in a candy store! I get excited!  I look at every goody and while I want almost all of it, I choose what I want the most, AND what calls to me.

Lollipops or gumballs anyone? 😊

As always, I would love to hear from you all.

Blessings to all!

Protect yourself while you continue to learn about your abilities

Grounding and Meditation are very, very important when you have any kind of sensitivity.  And you may find that you several going on all at once. As important as grounding and meditating is protecting yourself.

I am a psychic medium and an empath. It seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it? I have learned there are many sensitivities/abilities that work together to make up the classifications “psychic medium” and “empath”.

More than likely you, like I, are experiencing one or more if “the clairs”.  In my experience it is “the clairs” that roll up into more broad titles in the psychic world.  See below.

Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Claircognizant (clear knowing or intuition), Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairgustance (clear tasting).

Talk about sensory overload!

Now it’s time manage them and protect yourself (while you continue learning). It is important to protect yourself for your own well- being. No matter the ability or abilities you have one of the most important things to learn in the beginning is how to protect yourself! Grounding and meditation play a big part in protection, however, there are other ways to protect yourself.  Ask the universe, your spirit guides, and your angels to allow only positive energy and experiences to enter your energy field. You may not have connected with your spirit guides or angels yet, but they are with you and they do listen.  The key is, you have to ask them for what you need.  It is also very important to thank them and let them know that you are grateful for their help and all of the blessings in your life.

At the beginning of my meditations, as I focus on my breathing, I envision a while light coming downward into the top of my head (where the crown chakra is located).  I visualize the light pouring down over my body forming a bubble around me.  This white light is protection given by the divine universe.  This is not limited to meditation.  I take a moment to envision this white light when I feel that I need to do so.  As an empath this is particularly helpful when I know I am going into a very high energy situation, large crowd or am going to be around someone that I know carries negative energy of any kind.  I even do this before going into a doctor’s office.  Empaths pick up all energy that they encounter. Even energy that is left behind by others.  If I don’t protect myself, I pick up that energy and unknowingly project those emotions onto others. Not protecting yourself can also drain you mentally and physically. That energy stays with me until I cleanse my own energy.  Sometimes I do this by using a sage stick and surrounding my body top to bottom.  I repeat “All negativity and darkness must go, only love, light and peace may enter”. Taking a bath or shower as described in my last post is my other go to since it is my favorite.

Cleansing and protecting your home is also very important. Whether it be spirit or energy that comes into your home with other people it’s important to protect your space by cleansing it on a regular basis.  The easiest way that I have found and is most widely used is smudging.  It’s easy to do and it works.  Get your sage stick and light the end of it using a lighter or clicker (a lighter that is used for lighting candles, BBQ grills etc.). Once lit turn the stick up side down and let the flame envelop the end, then blow it out.  You will probably have to blow on the end of the stick to get the embers within to keep the embers hot and smoking.  Once you have smoke coming off of it you are ready to start. I simply move my arm in a circular motion repeating “No darkness or negativity is allowed in this space.  Only love, light and peace may enter”. I do this through every room in my home.  It’s important that every door and window in the house has been smudged (I go all the way around each door and window).  Once completed put the stick out in a safe container. I use an abalone shell.  You can also put it out by gently rubbing it on the earth. Not only does this cleanse the energy in your home, but it will help to keep negative or dark spirits out.  I do this about every 2 weeks, but if my intuition tells me I need to do it before the 2 week mark then I do it.  Listen to that intuition. 😊

There is so much more to protection (which I will talk about in another post).  The methods listed above will do the trick no matter how many other methods we discuss.

As always, please leave your questions and comments for discussion.

Blessings to all!

Meditation – Getting started by getting grounded

During the first conversation I had with Paula I explained that I was seeing two spirits in my house, but I knew there were many more. It actually felt crowded in my house. I felt drained all the time. She listened quietly and then in a very matter of fact way, she stated “you’re a medium”! I was elated, yet very nervous at the same time. As we talked, she explained to me how important meditation is and how important staying grounded is. I began meditating that day (after I cleansed my house). Or trying to anyway.  I’ve always had high anxiety so it was very difficult for me to quiet my mind. It took me a couple of months and a lot of experimentation before I was successful for the first time.  I tried picturing happy memories, beautiful places, Angels etc. I tried essential oils like jasmine, lavender and Oakmoss.  To no avail.

What finally made it click?  Holding a piece of red jasper (compliments of the owner of my favorite metaphysical store) in my hand and not trying to meditate, but just focusing on my breathing.  Not trying to see anything in particular. It was only when I stopped trying to force it that it happened.  Once it did it became very calming and magical. I look forward to seeing something new every time I meditate.

If you are having difficulty meditating don’t give up. Your intuition will take you to the place you need to be.  Trust that.

If you meditate and would like to share techniques that worked for you please do. 😊

Blessings to all