Pendulum Work, Finding Answers and Building Confidence

A few months ago, I had a tarot reading done.  As she laid out the cards her reactions to the cards were very animated. When the cards were all laid out, she looked at me with an almost astonished look, she then asked if I knew that I had abilities. I replied with a yes. Still with an astonished look she said that in all of the years she has been reading she had never (emphasis on never J) seen cards lay out the way mine did.  The last thing she said before we started was that my abilities are very strong and that I didn’t yet understand just how strong they are. 

 As the reading was done there were 2 very specific things that came up as far as furthering the development and managing my abilities.

  1. I needed to build confidence
  2. That I had a fear that I needed to face and overcome. Fears will block aspects of development.

At the end of the reading we chatted for a few minutes and she suggested doing some pendulum work.  By asking questions that I could build confidence and doing this work would help to figure out what fear, specifically, was holding me back so that I could face it and work through it.

l let the items I need choose me, so it took about a month to get the right one.

Many people think that the answers that a pendulum gives you are answered by spirits.  That is absolutely untrue.  The answers come from the subconscious, the higher self.  It’s important to cleanse (I lay mine on a bed of Citrine about once a month).  It’s also important that only your energy is on your pendulum.  If someone touches it make sure it is cleansed before the next use.

As with anything there are different techniques that people use.  In the case of the pendulum some people prefer to program it.  Others let the pendulum program itself.  After cleansing it, I first tried to program it.  Moving the dangling crystal toward myself and then away I stated, “this means yes”.  I also did the same for the answer to be no, I don’t know, and I don’t want to say right now. I started asking my questions and it didn’t move. I even asked questions that I already knew the answers to make sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong….still nothing.  By this time I was frustrated so I put it away.

A few days later I tried again.  This time I let it program itself.  Holding the top with one hand, dangling it directly over the other hand (palm up) I said, “show me yes”.  I was pleasantly surprised when it moved toward me and then away, continuing to do so until I stopped it. “Show me no” was the next step. It took a minute but started moving in a counterclockwise motion. I moved through the other 2 and got those motions too. I was so excited!  That day I just asked unimportant questions.  The motions stayed consistent with what I had been shown.

I waited a few days to work with it again.  This time I wrote down questions of which I was truly unsure of the answers.   For instance, I was drained of energy all of the time, I had no motivation, and couldn’t keep my eyes open.  These are all classic signs of depression, yet I didn’t feel depressed.  I also knew that spirits can drain your energy in order to maintain theirs.  My intuition was that it was a spirit, but my conscious mind needed conformation that my intuition was right. I asked the question:  “Is there a spirit in my house and taking all of my energy”?  The answer was yes.  My intuition was confirmed to be right by being able to see that my intuition was indeed correct.  It did boost my confidence in trusting my intuition and not questioning it.  Each time I consulted the pendulum and got verification OR that my interpretation was incorrect it helped build my confidence.  If my interpretation was incorrect, I would look within myself, meditate and ask my guides for help in understanding.  I go through this process one time.  Many times my guides and Angels can give me an answer or point me in the right direction for understanding.  Other times I receive nothing at that time, but eventually the answer will come.  It may be a day or a couple of weeks, but it will come in one form or another.  It may come as an epiphany, or when you are smelling a flower and be taken back to a memory that gives you the answer.  It’s important to trust in your higher self and know that the answer will come when the time is right.  Don’t over analyze or dwell on it.  By doing that your logical mind is in the forefront and intuition and logic don’t usually match up. 

A few weeks ago I was doing some pendulum work and as I was asking my questions. The pendulum moved in a way that it never had before (side to side)!  I had no idea what that motion meant!  I asked a few questions to try to figure it out.  Not only did I not get an answer, but another motion (clockwise) I had never seen before came into play.  Again, I asked a few questions, still no answers.  I was getting frustrated, so it was time to walk away.

A few days later I was cleansing some of my crystals and all of the sudden I knew what it meant. “Look within” is what popped into my head. Immediately to follow was a vision of me looking in an old fashioned mirror and the pendulum moving from side to side.  I wrote it down, so that the next time I started a session I would remember ask the question. The next time I started.

In the back of my mind this clockwise motion nagged at me.  The answer did not come as easily as “look within”.  When it did come, I knew exactly why it was harder to figure out.  I always write down my questions and answers when I work with my pendulum.  I went back and read all of the questions that had evoked the clockwise motion.  As I read them I started to see a pattern.    While this shed some light on the motion, I still wasn’t quite sure of the answerAfter a few more questions, some that I didn’t know the answers to and then a few that I did know the answers to.  When I asked a question that I already knew the answer to the clockwise motion would begin.  My final question on the movement was “when you move in a clockwise motion, does that mean I already know the answer in my conscious mind”?  As I watched there came the clockwise motion, then it transitioned to yes.  Intuitively that made sense.  I already knew the answers in my conscious mind, but they had not come to me yet!  Whether it have been that the answers were buried or because I wasn’t trusting my intuition, or the time just wasn’t the right time for the answer to surface didn’t matter at this point.  I didn’t overanalyze. I accepted the answer for what it was and was grateful that I now have another answer to guide me and continue helping me with continuing to gain confidence. 😊

When I began using my pendulum, I sat and asked questions on a regular basis.  As time has gone on, and my confidence has increased I find that I only pull it out and ask questions when my intuition leads me in that direction or when I feel a strong pull from the pendulum itself. There are times when I walk by it and I get a tingle from head to toe, and that is when I know it is calling to

Recently as I was getting ready to put together a new crystal combination (I carry a small mesh bag with me that holds the crystals).  I happened to have my pendulum out and my intuition guided me to ask which crystals I needed to carry with me at that time for my highest and best good.  I started working through the crystals one by one.  With each I received a yes or no.  I always carry black tourmaline for protection because that is its primary use.  Much to my dismay, the answer to carrying it was “no”.  I got out my “Crystal Bible” and started reading the attributes of each.  Since many crystals have more than one use.  Reading about each crystal, it became clear that some of the crystals had protection as an attribute. My higher self knew which combination I needed when my conscious self was overthinking.

I’m grateful for that tarot reading.  I had never thought about pendulum work before that.  Working with it has built my confidence and trust in my higher self.  I have also received answers that really made me look within myself making my spiritual connection much stronger, and communication with my higher self.

Many Blessings!

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