Meeting your spirit guides and angels…be patient and pay attention to detail 😊

When my abilities popped open fully, I had a picture in my head that sensitives were calm, patient and zen all of the time.  Wrong!  I also had a picture in my head that spirit guides followed psychics around all of the time and whispered in the person’s ear whispering to them what they needed to know. Wrong!

Meeting my spirit guides was difficult for me.  I was meditating, writing letters, and focusing most of my energy on trying to get them to step forward and communicate. Yet none were stepping forward. I wanted to know who they were and communicate with them so badly.  I was extremely frustrated and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

What I was doing wrong was trying too hard and not paying attention to signs that they were giving me here in the physical world!  They were giving me little signs that they were there every day. I just wasn’t seeing them.

In my meditations I started seeing an eagle. I could only see the head and it was from the side.  I could only see one eye, but it really stuck out.  It was right up front and prominent.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why! Seeing eagles in dreams and meditations can mean several things. One of the meanings is that you need to look closely and pay attention to detail.  Since the eye was the most prominent feature that made sense. I took the cue and started to really watch the world around me. I started to see and hear a few things here and there, but I still hadn’t made contact with my spirit guides. At least not the kind of contact I wanted.

I asked both Paula and Julie what I was doing wrong.  Why couldn’t I make contact? Both had the same answer for me (separate conversations).  Both told me to stop tying to force the communication. They are on their own timeline not yours, and when they feel it’s time they will come to you clearly.  I did get some great advise too!  Paula, in her very matter of fact way of speaking, said “Your spirit guides aren’t just waiting around and doing nothing, BUT if you want then to communicate directly you have to ask them for things so that you know they are there and acting when asked to do so”. She also explained that the responses to your requests may happen right away, or it could take a few days.  That is where attention to detail and patience comes in.  Maybe you ask to see a horse. You may be driving and see a horse in a pasture.  You may see one on television.  You may see one in a dream, or even a photograph or painting. It doesn’t matter how it comes to you.  The point is that you asked, and you received.  It is important to acknowledge your guides when the sign comes.  You can say a simple thank you, or if you want to expand on your thoughts, feel free to do so.

There are many ways to meditate in order to connect with your guides and angels.  Every method I have learned about has to do with starting a meditation and asking your guides and angels to come forward. My wording is:” I ask that my angels and spirit guides come forward to help me with my journey.  I ask any guide who is willing to teach me to step forward for the good of my higher myself and all souls involved.”  I start my mediations by concentrating on my breathing (long, slow breathes). Visualize a beautiful place that makes you feel happy and safe. Let all senses be activated. Feel the sunshine, smell what is around you and if there is something that you would like to touch, do that too. Ask again for any guides willing to teach and guide you to step forward. Next, picture someone walking up to you (not a specific person). Be patient and stay in that moment. If someone does walk up to you thank them for coming and ask their name (if this is a relative or friend that has crossed over, of course, you will already know the name😊). If you cannot hear the name, ask them to say it louder.  If you still can’t hear it ask them to write it for you.  I am clairvoyant so I see, but do not always hear, so asking for the names to be written was the way that worked for me. Thee guide may have something to say or show you right away.  If that is not the case, ask the question “Do you have a gift or guidance for me?” At that moment they may or may not.  I could be that they came forward just to meet you, or you could receive gifts and/or guidance. The message may be clear or not make sense to you at all.  You can ask questions. Remember they will answer in their own way and you may still have to think about it and analyze it later.  Stay in your space until the guide or angel starts to leave/fade.  Thank them for coming and for the help they have given. Now, when you feel ready come out of the meditation.  I always journal my meditations.  I have found that journaling after seeing my guides (in as much detail as I can remember) helps me to understand some things as I write.  I also go back and re-read later. Many times, I am able to understand more of the message and its meaning.

It took me months to meet my guides, and A LOT of patience. As not to force the issue, I asked my guides and angels to come forward a couple of times a week. For a long time, they didn’t come, so I went on with my meditation. I kept asking for my signs every day and paying attention to detail in everyday life. Once they did start coming to me it was magical and insightful!  There were many emotions running through my body after meeting them that it is impossible to capture all of them. They don’t come to me every day in meditation, but they do leave signs. I know they are with me, and I trust that when they have something to pass on to me, or I really need help, that they will be there.

For most of us our guides and angels are not going to stop by for coffee and a chat as soon as we start to open the door to the spirit world.  It really does take a lot of patience, talking (on our end) and attention to detail to see the signs that are being given to us. They will come…when they are ready.

PS My guides didn’t come to me and communicate directly until AFTER the first time I delivered my first message from spirit.

I’d love to have your thoughts and experiences!

Blessings to all!

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