Missing metaphysical items turns out to be a Blessing in disguise!

For many years I have had tarot cards, white quartz crystal and a variety of other metaphysical items.  One evening, after I had been seeing the spirits in my home, I had an overwhelming need to get my tarot cards out and ask the question “Is this real? Or is it all in my head?” I went to get my cards and they were gone!  I had recently moved. and all of my metaphysical items were gone.  I frantically tore the house apart wondering if I had left them in a box that hadn’t been unpacked.  They were no where to be found!  I was devastated!  Had I still lived in the city I would have been able to go get a new deck the next day.  Now that I live about 100 miles away from the city, I couldn’t do that. It was suggested that I order them online.  I couldn’t do that.  When I buy items like cards or gems etc. I have to touch item.  Rather than me picking the item, I let it pick me.  It took about 2 weeks for me to be able to find the time to get to the city.  My daughter-in-law, Brittany, went with me that day and took me to a metaphysical store that I hadn’t been to before.  As soon as I walked in, I felt like that’s where I belonged. I could feel the love, wisdom and nurturing energy the moment I walked in. I made my way to the tarot cards and ended up with 2 decks.  I had only intended to get one, but the second deck just felt right as I was looking though the variety that was on display. I had been learning about gems and how each gem helps with different things.  I walked over to that section of the store and was immediately excited, but overwhelmed.  There are so many, and while each one has it’s own properties there is overlap.  Since this was my first time looking at them, I couldn’t just look at them and know which ones I needed.  Now what do I do? I must have looked just as confused as I felt because one of the ladies that worked there came over and asked what I was looking for. I responded with “I don’t really know”. I briefly explained what my situation.  She took her time to explain to me what I needed to help develop my intuition (which really is the foundation of all psychic abilities).  She also explained that I needed protection gems and helped me pick a couple of different types suited for me.  Before she walked away, she pointed out that there were small slips of paper next to each container of gems that indicated what each gem was for. Now, she could have just pointed that out and been on her way to help someone else, but she took the time to really help me. Little did I know that I would form a trust with this woman. I walked around that store for at least an hour after getting my gems and cards. Earlier I mentioned that I let items pick me.  I walked out of that store with many more items than I went in for. I soon realized that these items would really help me continue down my personal path to enlightenment and developing my abilities.

When I got home, I got my cards out and asked my question. The cards laid out just as I hoped they would.  I’m not crazy and it’s not all in my head.  What I had been experiencing was real.  There was much more information contained in that spread, but the important thing is that there was validation in the answer laid out in the cards. I was elated!

Everything happens for a reason! It’s important to remember that as your angels and guides send you messages and signs every day. They do indeed guide you.  In my case those missing items lead me that store.  A place full of love and wisdom.

I didn’t realize it at that moment, but It was a blessing in disguise, and I am forever grateful!

Blessings to all!

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