Empaths are emotional magnets!

Empaths pick up the emotions and energy around them, and others tend to deplete our energy and overwhelm our emotions.  They, of course, do not do this intentionally, but it happens nevertheless. This can be absolutely exhausting! Empaths do not have that the emotional and energy field that most people have.  This is what makes us empaths.  We feel at a much more intense level. There are several types of empaths. Each type has its own characteristics but can also overlap.  My strongest sensitivities are intuitive and emotional. 

Intuitive empaths are more in tune with their intuitive abilities in general. We are good judges of character. We pick up on good or bad “vibes” right away. Trust that “vibe” and if you pick up bad energy stay away from that person.   If that isn’t possible it’s a good idea to keep them at arm’s length.  We can tell when someone is lying.  We can read the atmosphere of a room easily.  Whether it’s just visiting a friend or at a large gathering, we are able to walk in and sense joy or tension (and everything in between). 

Emotional empaths are highly sensitive people themselves. Feelings get hurt easily, something very simple like a neighbor mowing the lawn very early in the morning can annoy us more quickly than it would someone else. At the same time, something in our everyday routines can pop up and fill us with overwhelming joy and love.  Simple things can bring us peace.

Emotional empaths pick up other people’s energy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad we pick it up.  We are like magnets for all types of emotional energy.  We feel people’s emotions as well.  We can feel if someone is sad (even if they haven’t said anything about it) and needs to be comforted. We can feel happiness radiate off of someone, and even if we aren’t having a stellar day we absorb that happiness and can put aside the fact that we are having a less than stellar day (at least for a while).  We feel negativity and anger when we are in the presence of a person feeling those emotions. Negativity and anger are the hardest for me to deal with.  They put my anxiety through the roof! Simply walking through a grocery store can be overwhelming for an empath. We pick up energy from every single person we walk by! We feel our own emotions and all of the emotions absorbed from the people that we have been around in that day.  All of those emotions stay with us much longer than just while we are in the presence of those people. Talk about emotional overload!  For this reason, empaths need solitude. Whether it’s a sacred place or in nature, we need to be away from other people in order to reenergize and heal ourselves.

Because we pick up so many emotions and so much energy it’s very important to protect your own energy. We have to protect ourselves from all of that emotional clutter.  An easy way to protect yourself is to meditate.  You can do a full meditation.  If you don’t have time do 3 minutes of deep breathing while picturing either a white or pink (love) light enveloping your entire body.  Putting a protective bubble/shield  around yourself.  You can do this multiple times a day if needed. Carrying a piece of black tourmaline is a good idea too.

Cleansing your energy regularly is very important! If you don’t keep that emotional clutter out of your energy You may suffer from exhaustion.  Personally, exhaustion is the first to affect me. Depending on the intensity of the situation or not protecting and cleansing it may take me days to regain energy. You also become prone to moodiness, depression, anxiety and even physical ailments.

Cleansing can be done easily as well.  Empaths love water!  It cleanses and grounds at the same time. Take a bath or shower.  As the water washes over you just visualize the negative energy being washed away by the water. Take your time and focus on each part of your body head to toe.  Another easy way to cleanse your energy is with sage. Allow the smoke from the sage to surround you. Since smoke rises, I start at my feet and move the sage in a circular motion.  I do this all the way up my body finishing at the top of my head.

Being an empath is a wonderful gift!  Since we can feel others emotion’s we are able to give someone a “pick me up” without having to ask questions about why they are feeling what they are feeling.  We can lend compassion and love, and so much more to people and the world in general.  We are healers!  We are truly blessed.

A great book for any empath to read is “The Empath’s Survival Guide” by Judith Orloff. It is packed with helpful information and exercises.

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions.  If you get the book, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Blessings to all!

2 thoughts on “Empaths are emotional magnets!

  1. It really is helpful! I am so much more calm and centered after using some of the techniques in the book. It’s also wonderful to know that I can “shield” myself before going into certain situations. 🙂


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