Grounding – Washing unwanted energy away

I mentioned in my last post that red jasper helped me ground for meditation. While that was a wonderful thing and helped me to get to the point of quieting my mind in order to meditate there is so much more to it than holding a stone in your had. It’s important to ground yourself as often as you can. Some people may be able to be grounded without as much conscious effort as others. For me it’s a bit challenging, but as I continue to work on it the easier it gets.  The first and easiest way to ground is to stand barefoot or sit on the earth.  You are literally grounding yourself to the earth. Now, I live in Colorado so standing barefoot or sitting on the ground in the middle of winter when it’s cold and snowy just isn’t appealing to me. This being the case I had to find other ways to ground myself during the winter.  What I found that works the best for me is taking a bath. Whether in nature or in the bathtub water comes from the earth and therefore is grounding.  This is especially helpful for empaths (which is one of my gifts)! Run a bath and put Epsom salt or essential oils in the water (I prefer lavender since it is a relaxing fragrance).  Totally submerge your body. Dip your head under the water just so that the water has completely covered your body to start with.  I rest in the water and repeat “Ground and center mind body and soul”.  I repeat the mantra until I feel grounded and centered. Until I feel that it no longer needs to be repeated.  Sometimes it takes longer than others. Once I am grounded and centered and feel relaxed all over I start draining the water. I visualize all negative energy flowing down the drain.  Some people envision this as a black color swirling down the drain.  I see little sparks hit the drain and disappear.  I didn’t envision that intentionally, it’s just what came to me.  Let the bathtub drain completely while envisioning the negative energy disappear down the drain.  I always feel much more grounded, centered and light when I am finished with my bath.  You can also do this while showering. It is the same premise.  As you shower, starting at your head, visualize any negative or unwanted energy being rinsed off your body with the flow of the water.  I visualize it being rinsed off just as soap would be.  Make sure to focus on every part of your body.  You can use the above mantra or simply feel the water rinsing all of that energy away.  I love this particular technique because it is incorporated into daily life very easily since physical hygiene is a daily routine for most people. I feel incredible after a bath or shower using this visualization.

There are so many more ways to ground and center and I’ll talk about those a bit more later.  I had to share this method first because it’s one of the easiest and my favorite!

If this sounds like something that would work for you give it a try.  I would love to hear about your experience with this method.  Or if you have other methods that really work for you please share them.  Keeping an open mind and trying new things is part of the fun of enriching and developing your abilities!

God Bless!

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