Meditation – Getting started by getting grounded

During the first conversation I had with Paula I explained that I was seeing two spirits in my house, but I knew there were many more. It actually felt crowded in my house. I felt drained all the time. She listened quietly and then in a very matter of fact way, she stated “you’re a medium”! I was elated, yet very nervous at the same time. As we talked, she explained to me how important meditation is and how important staying grounded is. I began meditating that day (after I cleansed my house). Or trying to anyway.  I’ve always had high anxiety so it was very difficult for me to quiet my mind. It took me a couple of months and a lot of experimentation before I was successful for the first time.  I tried picturing happy memories, beautiful places, Angels etc. I tried essential oils like jasmine, lavender and Oakmoss.  To no avail.

What finally made it click?  Holding a piece of red jasper (compliments of the owner of my favorite metaphysical store) in my hand and not trying to meditate, but just focusing on my breathing.  Not trying to see anything in particular. It was only when I stopped trying to force it that it happened.  Once it did it became very calming and magical. I look forward to seeing something new every time I meditate.

If you are having difficulty meditating don’t give up. Your intuition will take you to the place you need to be.  Trust that.

If you meditate and would like to share techniques that worked for you please do. 😊

Blessings to all

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