The Awakening

Thanks for visiting my site! The intent of this blog is to discuss the discovery of our abilities. There may be a post that you read that is helpful or you may leave a comment that will be helpful so someone else. I’ve known, since I was a child, that I had sensitivities but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that they opened wide! When it happened I was very excited and happy that some of my abilities were opening up. Coming alive! There was only one little issue. Now what am I supposed to do? I was on sensory overload and didn’t know which way to turn. I was getting desperate because there was so much happening all at once. One day my daughter connected me to a co-worker that read auras. In turn she gave me a list of names of psychic-mediums. I called one of the well renowned and respected psychic-mediums on the list. I left a message, skeptical about whether she would even return my call. She did! That was my conformation that it wasn’t all in my head and the beginning of this wonderful journey that I am on.

No matter where you are in your journey let’s walk the path together.

Receiving my first message from spirit

As I mentioned in my first post “The Awakening” my abilities didn’t really open wide until about a year and a half ago…at the age of 47.  In that time I have learned a lot!  Mid-December of last year is when I delivered my first message from spirit. I was so excited, but nervous and confused at the same time.

The spirit was a 14 year old girl who had lost her battle with cancer nearly a year before. I’ve known her mother since high school, but didn’t know if she, or her husband believed in mediums etc. We hadn’t had a close relationship throughout the years, well because life sometimes gets in the way. We reconnected a couple of years ago and have forged a strong friendship.  It’s important to note, that I had seen this girl’s  parents multiple times since she had crossed over, but always in a group setting.  On this particular day I was to have dinner with them, without being in a group setting.  I had never met their daughter.  I had seen pictures, but only pictures from when she was very ill.  About 4 hours before I was to see her parents, she came to me.  I am clairvoyant, so at that time I could only see her.  My clairaudience hadn’t developed yet (it’s progressing but it’s not consistent).  She spun in an open field with her arms out straight, in bright sunshine.  Smiling with childlike happiness. As I mentioned earlier I was ecstatic. Then, the doubt and fear set in.  What if her parents don’t believe?  Will they think it’s a sick joke?  Will they think I have lost my mind?  At this point this girl put her hands together and bent to the side slightly, and as kids sometimes do she said “pleeeeeeaaaase” I couldn’t hear the word, but by her body language and reading her lips I knew what she was saying.  I would get my courage up and decide that I was going to deliver her message.  I would find a way.  I went back and forth with the fear, nervousness and confidence all afternoon.  Every time I got scared or confused, she would once again say “pleeeeeeaaaase”.  She was showing me the same thing over and over.  Finally, I said to her, you have to show me more so that your parents are positive that it’s you.  She showed me the color of her hair. Next, she showed me her teeth.  As strange as that sounds, what she showed me was unique and not something noticeable to others.  She stayed with me for five and a half hours, until I saw her parents.  Boy was she persistent. During dinner there was finally an opening to ask my friend if she and her husband believed in mediums and messages from spirit. She told me she did, but her husband didn’t.

WHEW! I was so relieved, but still awfully nervous because I didn’t want to mess up what their daughter was communicating. I did let them know that this was the first time a spirit had come to me, and asked them to be patient if I was a bit clumsy while delivering their daughter’s message.

I then started describing what their daughter had been showing me in detail. From what she was wearing, her surroundings, to the “pleeeeeaaase”.  As it turned out the clothes she was wearing was her favorite outfit. I described her hair color, her teeth…EVERYTHING that she showed me.  As I delivered the message, her parents piped up now and then and, with smiles, and laughter and expressed that the things I was describing were things, and even mannerisms of their daughter (even the skeptical father).  Just as I was wrapping up the message, she kissed each of them on the cheek and faded away.  My friend immediately felt goosebumps as her daughter kissed her.

With teary eyes she thanked me and told me that she had been asking for some kind of sign that her daughter was at peace. It was comforting to me to see and feel her comfort.

I came home and slept very soundly that night.  The first thing I saw when I awoke, was the spirit of the girl.  She mouthed the words “thank you”, blew me a kiss and then was gone.  Every now and then she pops in for just a few seconds, always with a smile and a wave.  I’m not sure why that is, but I’m sure that in time the answer will be revealed.

If and when you receive a message from spirit it’s vital that you do not add your interpretations to the message.  Many things may not make sense to you, but the message will mean something to the intended recipient.  We are the conduit between the spirit world and the physical world.  It is also important to relay everything.  I we don’t, the spirit will come back, and for lack of a better word, pester you until their message is delivered correctly, and in full.

God has given me a precious gift.  A gift that brings comfort to both spirit and the loved ones that need to receive the message. I am grateful for that every day.  Never will it be taken for granted.

Blessings to all!

Meeting your spirit guides and angels…be patient and pay attention to detail 😊

When my abilities popped open fully, I had a picture in my head that sensitives were calm, patient and zen all of the time.  Wrong!  I also had a picture in my head that spirit guides followed psychics around all of the time and whispered in the person’s ear whispering to them what they needed to know. Wrong!

Meeting my spirit guides was difficult for me.  I was meditating, writing letters, and focusing most of my energy on trying to get them to step forward and communicate. Yet none were stepping forward. I wanted to know who they were and communicate with them so badly.  I was extremely frustrated and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

What I was doing wrong was trying too hard and not paying attention to signs that they were giving me here in the physical world!  They were giving me little signs that they were there every day. I just wasn’t seeing them.

In my meditations I started seeing an eagle. I could only see the head and it was from the side.  I could only see one eye, but it really stuck out.  It was right up front and prominent.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why! Seeing eagles in dreams and meditations can mean several things. One of the meanings is that you need to look closely and pay attention to detail.  Since the eye was the most prominent feature that made sense. I took the cue and started to really watch the world around me. I started to see and hear a few things here and there, but I still hadn’t made contact with my spirit guides. At least not the kind of contact I wanted.

I asked both Paula and Julie what I was doing wrong.  Why couldn’t I make contact? Both had the same answer for me (separate conversations).  Both told me to stop tying to force the communication. They are on their own timeline not yours, and when they feel it’s time they will come to you clearly.  I did get some great advise too!  Paula, in her very matter of fact way of speaking, said “Your spirit guides aren’t just waiting around and doing nothing, BUT if you want then to communicate directly you have to ask them for things so that you know they are there and acting when asked to do so”. She also explained that the responses to your requests may happen right away, or it could take a few days.  That is where attention to detail and patience comes in.  Maybe you ask to see a horse. You may be driving and see a horse in a pasture.  You may see one on television.  You may see one in a dream, or even a photograph or painting. It doesn’t matter how it comes to you.  The point is that you asked, and you received.  It is important to acknowledge your guides when the sign comes.  You can say a simple thank you, or if you want to expand on your thoughts, feel free to do so.

There are many ways to meditate in order to connect with your guides and angels.  Every method I have learned about has to do with starting a meditation and asking your guides and angels to come forward. My wording is:” I ask that my angels and spirit guides come forward to help me with my journey.  I ask any guide who is willing to teach me to step forward for the good of my higher myself and all souls involved.”  I start my mediations by concentrating on my breathing (long, slow breathes). Visualize a beautiful place that makes you feel happy and safe. Let all senses be activated. Feel the sunshine, smell what is around you and if there is something that you would like to touch, do that too. Ask again for any guides willing to teach and guide you to step forward. Next, picture someone walking up to you (not a specific person). Be patient and stay in that moment. If someone does walk up to you thank them for coming and ask their name (if this is a relative or friend that has crossed over, of course, you will already know the name😊). If you cannot hear the name, ask them to say it louder.  If you still can’t hear it ask them to write it for you.  I am clairvoyant so I see, but do not always hear, so asking for the names to be written was the way that worked for me. Thee guide may have something to say or show you right away.  If that is not the case, ask the question “Do you have a gift or guidance for me?” At that moment they may or may not.  I could be that they came forward just to meet you, or you could receive gifts and/or guidance. The message may be clear or not make sense to you at all.  You can ask questions. Remember they will answer in their own way and you may still have to think about it and analyze it later.  Stay in your space until the guide or angel starts to leave/fade.  Thank them for coming and for the help they have given. Now, when you feel ready come out of the meditation.  I always journal my meditations.  I have found that journaling after seeing my guides (in as much detail as I can remember) helps me to understand some things as I write.  I also go back and re-read later. Many times, I am able to understand more of the message and its meaning.

It took me months to meet my guides, and A LOT of patience. As not to force the issue, I asked my guides and angels to come forward a couple of times a week. For a long time, they didn’t come, so I went on with my meditation. I kept asking for my signs every day and paying attention to detail in everyday life. Once they did start coming to me it was magical and insightful!  There were many emotions running through my body after meeting them that it is impossible to capture all of them. They don’t come to me every day in meditation, but they do leave signs. I know they are with me, and I trust that when they have something to pass on to me, or I really need help, that they will be there.

For most of us our guides and angels are not going to stop by for coffee and a chat as soon as we start to open the door to the spirit world.  It really does take a lot of patience, talking (on our end) and attention to detail to see the signs that are being given to us. They will come…when they are ready.

PS My guides didn’t come to me and communicate directly until AFTER the first time I delivered my first message from spirit.

I’d love to have your thoughts and experiences!

Blessings to all!

The Metaphysical store is a sensitive’s candy store!

In my last post I talked about finding a metaphysical store that I love. For those of us that are just starting to learn about, manage and open up our abilities, a metaphysical store can be a playground!  There are so many things that can help with that. There are also very knowledgeable people that can help guide you and answer questions. In the store that I go to, everyone that works there has abilities of one type or another.  I love that because they understand what I am trying to accomplish.  They can identify so they are great guides and resources.  That being said, I still let my intuition guide me when advise is given or an item is recommended. Below are some of the things that I love and have found helpful.  I could write for days about items that help me and bring me comfort.  Here a few of my favorites.

Gems are wonderful helpers!  They are powerful, and easy to use.  It is important to carefully choose the ones that are going to benefit you and what you are trying to accomplish. Cleansing and setting the intent of gem is very important in order to get the maximum benefit.

Journals are very important to developing any psychic ability!  I journal everything! Some people talk to their guides in thoughts or out loud.  I do that, but right before I meditate I write a letter to them and leave the journal open to that page so that the message can be seen by the universe. I journal what I see in my meditations.  Meditations are sometimes straight forward and other times they are hard to interpret.  If you write them down, you may have an “AHA” moment in the future.  Go back and read it. Many times, the pieces will come together.  I journal my dreams.  Dreams come from the subconscious.  There are messages in those dreams.  Like meditation the message may be straight forward, or it could be disjointed and unclear.  Journaling affords the same opportunity to go back, re-read and have the meaning of the dream become more clear.  In both cases that “AHA” may not come.  That’s OK too. 

I had a dream that was disjointed and really didn’t make sense.  I first saw the face of a co-worker, then of my grandson sitting in a hospital crib. Everything was white, his gown, the crib, the walls (that freaked me out a little) but he was laughing and clapping his hands..  Lastly, I saw the hand of a friend handing me a dish of raspberries and blueberries.  Part of that dream was precognitive.  My grandson (who has a sever heart condition) was admitted to the hospital 14 hours later. I really felt like I needed to reach out to the co-worker, however, we don’t have a close working relationship.  It took me about a week to finally call him and check in. As we chatted, he was driving to the doctor’s office to get lab work done because he had just been diagnosed with early heart disease!  A couple of days after I spoke to him the dream clicked!  My grandson was admitted to the hospital due to his heart issues.  The co-worker had just been diagnosed with a heart issue (and needed to talk about it).  The berries were blue and red.  Blood is blue before it is oxygenated and read after it’s oxygenated.   BOOM! There it is…I finally understood, and it did indeed all tie in together. Had I not written that dream down I would not have made the berry/blood connection.  At the time of the dream the berries didn’t seem important at all.  When I went back and read it that is when it all came together.

Candles.  I love candles! In a metaphysical store the candles are labeled for their use. I always have a meditation candle, an intuition candle, and a health and wellness candle on hand. I also love chakra candles Like gems, set the intent of the candle before lighting it the first time. Never blow out a candle. It blows the intent away.  Always use a snuffer.

Cleansers – Sage, Juniper, Cedar, Sweetgrass, sandalwood, frankincense.  All of these and more can be used for cleansers OR adding good energy to your home.  I love the smell of sandalwood when I meditate.  A braid of sweetgrass hung above the front door will cleanse the energy of everyone who walks through it. Visitors leave bad energy at the door, keeping the house free from the clutter of others energy.

Essential oils can help with so many things. Jasper is great to rub on your third eye before meditation (or whenever) as it helps to open your third eye.  Oak Moss is great for grounding.  Rub a small amount on the bottom of each foot, and your root chakra (lower back right at the tailbone). Lavender calms and relaxes. Put a few drops in the bath or use an infuser to fill the air. The smell of cinnamon wil help to relieve headaches. The smell of lemon and/or grapefruit boosts energy levels.  It’s unbelievable how many ways essential oils can be used.  Not only to heighten abilities, but just good health in general.

Books are oh so wonderful!  If you are like me and aren’t able to have a formal teacher, or a social circle that you can meet with on a regular basis (which is the case for me), reading is a must. When I go into the metaphysical store, through discussion, a book is almost always recommended.  If that book calls to me when I pick it up it goes home with me.  If not, it stays put. The same goes for ordering books online…get what you are drawn to.

Figurines – Angels, fairies, religious items, animals.  I could go on and on.  Put them in your sacred place or all around your home.  Whatever feels right to you.  If that isn’t something that interests you, that’s fine.  They are not a must.  I really enjoy them.

Jewelry is great because it is always in your energy field!  Whether it helps calm, protect, bring out intuition or certain abilities and you can mix and match.

When I go to a metaphysical store, I really do feel like a kid in a candy store! I get excited!  I look at every goody and while I want almost all of it, I choose what I want the most, AND what calls to me.

Lollipops or gumballs anyone? 😊

As always, I would love to hear from you all.

Blessings to all!

Missing metaphysical items turns out to be a Blessing in disguise!

For many years I have had tarot cards, white quartz crystal and a variety of other metaphysical items.  One evening, after I had been seeing the spirits in my home, I had an overwhelming need to get my tarot cards out and ask the question “Is this real? Or is it all in my head?” I went to get my cards and they were gone!  I had recently moved. and all of my metaphysical items were gone.  I frantically tore the house apart wondering if I had left them in a box that hadn’t been unpacked.  They were no where to be found!  I was devastated!  Had I still lived in the city I would have been able to go get a new deck the next day.  Now that I live about 100 miles away from the city, I couldn’t do that. It was suggested that I order them online.  I couldn’t do that.  When I buy items like cards or gems etc. I have to touch item.  Rather than me picking the item, I let it pick me.  It took about 2 weeks for me to be able to find the time to get to the city.  My daughter-in-law, Brittany, went with me that day and took me to a metaphysical store that I hadn’t been to before.  As soon as I walked in, I felt like that’s where I belonged. I could feel the love, wisdom and nurturing energy the moment I walked in. I made my way to the tarot cards and ended up with 2 decks.  I had only intended to get one, but the second deck just felt right as I was looking though the variety that was on display. I had been learning about gems and how each gem helps with different things.  I walked over to that section of the store and was immediately excited, but overwhelmed.  There are so many, and while each one has it’s own properties there is overlap.  Since this was my first time looking at them, I couldn’t just look at them and know which ones I needed.  Now what do I do? I must have looked just as confused as I felt because one of the ladies that worked there came over and asked what I was looking for. I responded with “I don’t really know”. I briefly explained what my situation.  She took her time to explain to me what I needed to help develop my intuition (which really is the foundation of all psychic abilities).  She also explained that I needed protection gems and helped me pick a couple of different types suited for me.  Before she walked away, she pointed out that there were small slips of paper next to each container of gems that indicated what each gem was for. Now, she could have just pointed that out and been on her way to help someone else, but she took the time to really help me. Little did I know that I would form a trust with this woman. I walked around that store for at least an hour after getting my gems and cards. Earlier I mentioned that I let items pick me.  I walked out of that store with many more items than I went in for. I soon realized that these items would really help me continue down my personal path to enlightenment and developing my abilities.

When I got home, I got my cards out and asked my question. The cards laid out just as I hoped they would.  I’m not crazy and it’s not all in my head.  What I had been experiencing was real.  There was much more information contained in that spread, but the important thing is that there was validation in the answer laid out in the cards. I was elated!

Everything happens for a reason! It’s important to remember that as your angels and guides send you messages and signs every day. They do indeed guide you.  In my case those missing items lead me that store.  A place full of love and wisdom.

I didn’t realize it at that moment, but It was a blessing in disguise, and I am forever grateful!

Blessings to all!

Empaths are emotional magnets!

Empaths pick up the emotions and energy around them, and others tend to deplete our energy and overwhelm our emotions.  They, of course, do not do this intentionally, but it happens nevertheless. This can be absolutely exhausting! Empaths do not have that the emotional and energy field that most people have.  This is what makes us empaths.  We feel at a much more intense level. There are several types of empaths. Each type has its own characteristics but can also overlap.  My strongest sensitivities are intuitive and emotional. 

Intuitive empaths are more in tune with their intuitive abilities in general. We are good judges of character. We pick up on good or bad “vibes” right away. Trust that “vibe” and if you pick up bad energy stay away from that person.   If that isn’t possible it’s a good idea to keep them at arm’s length.  We can tell when someone is lying.  We can read the atmosphere of a room easily.  Whether it’s just visiting a friend or at a large gathering, we are able to walk in and sense joy or tension (and everything in between). 

Emotional empaths are highly sensitive people themselves. Feelings get hurt easily, something very simple like a neighbor mowing the lawn very early in the morning can annoy us more quickly than it would someone else. At the same time, something in our everyday routines can pop up and fill us with overwhelming joy and love.  Simple things can bring us peace.

Emotional empaths pick up other people’s energy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad we pick it up.  We are like magnets for all types of emotional energy.  We feel people’s emotions as well.  We can feel if someone is sad (even if they haven’t said anything about it) and needs to be comforted. We can feel happiness radiate off of someone, and even if we aren’t having a stellar day we absorb that happiness and can put aside the fact that we are having a less than stellar day (at least for a while).  We feel negativity and anger when we are in the presence of a person feeling those emotions. Negativity and anger are the hardest for me to deal with.  They put my anxiety through the roof! Simply walking through a grocery store can be overwhelming for an empath. We pick up energy from every single person we walk by! We feel our own emotions and all of the emotions absorbed from the people that we have been around in that day.  All of those emotions stay with us much longer than just while we are in the presence of those people. Talk about emotional overload!  For this reason, empaths need solitude. Whether it’s a sacred place or in nature, we need to be away from other people in order to reenergize and heal ourselves.

Because we pick up so many emotions and so much energy it’s very important to protect your own energy. We have to protect ourselves from all of that emotional clutter.  An easy way to protect yourself is to meditate.  You can do a full meditation.  If you don’t have time do 3 minutes of deep breathing while picturing either a white or pink (love) light enveloping your entire body.  Putting a protective bubble/shield  around yourself.  You can do this multiple times a day if needed. Carrying a piece of black tourmaline is a good idea too.

Cleansing your energy regularly is very important! If you don’t keep that emotional clutter out of your energy You may suffer from exhaustion.  Personally, exhaustion is the first to affect me. Depending on the intensity of the situation or not protecting and cleansing it may take me days to regain energy. You also become prone to moodiness, depression, anxiety and even physical ailments.

Cleansing can be done easily as well.  Empaths love water!  It cleanses and grounds at the same time. Take a bath or shower.  As the water washes over you just visualize the negative energy being washed away by the water. Take your time and focus on each part of your body head to toe.  Another easy way to cleanse your energy is with sage. Allow the smoke from the sage to surround you. Since smoke rises, I start at my feet and move the sage in a circular motion.  I do this all the way up my body finishing at the top of my head.

Being an empath is a wonderful gift!  Since we can feel others emotion’s we are able to give someone a “pick me up” without having to ask questions about why they are feeling what they are feeling.  We can lend compassion and love, and so much more to people and the world in general.  We are healers!  We are truly blessed.

A great book for any empath to read is “The Empath’s Survival Guide” by Judith Orloff. It is packed with helpful information and exercises.

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions.  If you get the book, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Blessings to all!